A New Day at Krapohl Senior Center

On June 15th we will have a "soft opening". This means we will all have to follow new procedures and policies until further notice.  If you are unable to adhere to the new policies, you will be asked to leave for the safety of all in the center.  Unfortunately, not everyone or every  program will be able to come back at the same time. Due to social distancing, we will phase programs back in over the next few months.  However, we must remember that things can change at any time according to the Governor’s Executive Orders.


The floors are taped where needed in six-foot increments to help you with social distancing.  We have sneeze guards set up and sanitary/disinfection stations around the center.  Everyone must wear a mask, preferably your own but we have masks here at the center for $1.00. For those that have a letter stating that you are unable to wear a mask, we

apologize, but for the safety of the other seniors you will not be allowed in the center.


Everyone must pre-register for a program/activity.  When you come to the center, you will be greeted by a staff person who will ask you a few health screening questions and take your temperature if you wish to have it taken.  If you have a temperature, you may be advised to see your local doctor.  Why do you have to pre-register?  The Krapohl Senior Center is not a large building and with social distancing we cannot accommodate as many people for an activity or program as we used to.  Also, you must bring your scan card to the center. Since you are pre-registered, you just scan your card. No one should touch the MYSenior Monitor.

We will be starting a these programs the week of June 15th. 

You must call and register 48 hours in advance. There will be NO drop-in

                 Blood Pressure/ Blood Sugar          June 17      Wednesday                      9 am - 11 am

                 Book Club                                    June 17       Wednesday                    11 am - 12 pm 

                 Yoga (outside-weather permitting)  June 17       Wednesday                      4 pm -  5 pm              


                 Walking Club                              June 23 & 25   Tuesday & Thursday        9 am

                       Haircuts                                     June 19           Friday                           9 am -12 pm

                 Foot Clinic                                  July 6             Monday                         9 am - 11 am

                 Hearing Clinic                             July 21           Tuesday


Lunch will be daily at 12 noon, you must sign up 24 hours in advance.