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Art a la cart Feburary.jpg

February is Black History Month

Have you been to the Flint Institute of Arts?
Did you know that it is free to visit if you live in Genesee Country?

Now is a good time to check it out. We will be going to the Art a la Carte- The Black Church in February. This is a 4 part series hosted by Henry Louise Gates Jr. This is a 54 mintue presentation for each of the series.

These presentations are every Wednesday in February at 12:15 pm.  We will be taking the bus from the Krapohl Center, leaving at 11:15 and we will return at approximately 3 pm. If you would like to carpool or drive yourself, please let us know so we can get an accurate count of who will be going. You can call the center at 810-785-2270 for more information. 


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